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Summer is here: Five Below haul full of great Summer and beach essentials.

June 23, 2018



Summer! Summer! Summer! Summer is here!

Are you as excited as I am for this Summer season? Well, if you are then you'll definitely enjoy the treasures that Five Below has to offer. I mean Five Below always has great things to offer and especially for my budget friendly people out there, you'll definitely get a bang for your buck from this store. 


Before heading over to Five Below I decided to check out there online flyer first just so I could make a list of things I wanted to look for and hopefully stay on track while I'm at it. It's definitely easy to get overwhelmed when walking into this store. In a good way of course....if that makes sense. There is so many goodies thrown at you as soon as you walk into the store you can easily miss something. But not me. I definitely have no problem spending an hour or more in this store making sure I've checked every isle possible. 


So, what inspired my shopping spree at Five Below you ask ? Well, last summer I beached a lot and found myself spending a lot of money on renting beach chairs and umbrellas and it would make so much more sense to just have these items already in my home ready for use every Summer. One issue though that I need to take into consideration when purchasing any items is the size. I have a small 1 bedroom apartment here in NYC with limited closet space, so something that is compact and foldable is what I'm always looking for. 


I was beyond prepared when I walked into Five Below because, like I said, I looked at the online flyer before heading in so I knew exactly what I was looking for. I purchased 2 beach umbrellas, beach/picnic blanket, a cat bed,1 beach chair, a beach towel, a cooler and a large shopper bag. So in total everything came up to less than $50!!!  So why purchase 2 beach umbrellas you say? Well, I wasn't too sure of how large each umbrella would be so I said to myself, "buy both open it and figure it out when you get home jen". Thanks inner me. I was so surprised to see how large and cute both umbrellas were. One umbrella was perfect for free standing (a.k.a sticking in the sand) as well as a tent like umbrella placed on the sand over a beach towel. The other umbrella was super cute with pink flamingos on it and a lot larger than I thought it would be. Both were very large and good for one or two people max. The shopper that I purchased was only $2 and it was HUGE! I think out of everything I purchased I loved that one the most. It was really hard not to buy ALL of the cute beach bags and shopper bags that they had in the store, and the beach towels were so cute pairing with them, but I managed to have some self control while in there. 


So long store short, if you haven't been to Five below go there NOW!! You'll definitely stay on budget, look cute and be beyond ready for the Summer fun and heat that's upon us.


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