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Long overdue: Kiss Beauty Bar Pop Up experience 2017

August 26, 2017



This is definitely a long overdue blog post about my experience last year at the Kiss Beauty Pop Up Bar, plus my visit at the french fry spot 375 Thrice Cooked Fries. So lets get into it.


KISS I love you to pieces! Whew, now that I got that out of the way let me tell you how much I enjoyed my time at the KISS pop up beauty bar. I was definitely on a mission to make it to this event. I traveled on a weekend dealing with NYC public transportation, which every person that has experienced the MTA on the weekend would know exactly what i'm talking about, but I knew it would totally be worth it. There was a line when I arrived outside, one for people that wanted to meet a few youtube celebrities and get your nails done, and another for those that wanted access to the event inside and to get your lashes done. I totally did not want to wait on the other line to get nails done , but wanted a pro's touch on how to apply lashes. I'm still in "lash" training. It's a process but i'll get it one day. 


They were very organized and tended to all the people that were waiting outside and inside. Immediately someone came around showing some samples of the nail designs outside as well as asked if people were waiting for lashes or nails. I zoomed inside towards another lovely lady that asked me for my name and number so that I could be notified when I could get my lashes done. They had so much going on, a dj, a selfie area, a smart wall ( using the tablets on the wall you could see how certain lashes looked on you before having them done, a goodie bag and cute seated area . The decor was amazing! I loved all of it. It was bright, bold and beautiful. The complimentary ice cream, I had Madagascar vanilla, was some of the best that i've ever had. I picked the most realistic looking lashes that they offered and also learned a few tricks on how to apply lashes the easy mess free way. I think I still make a bit of a mess with the lash glue till this very day, but definitely not as much as before. 


After a great time at the KISS event I rushed over to 375 Thrice Cooked Fries because I was starving, and also on a mission to try some of the best fries that NYC has to offer. Those who know me know I have a weakness for french fries. 


375 was super easy to find. Only a few blocks away from Delancy Street in the Lower East Side and the KISS event. If you're not careful you can miss this place because it is a tad small and a bit of a hole in the wall place, but then again how can you miss the huge 375 sign located on the outside. (Try not to be a phone zombie when looking for this place). Super cute and small with great wall art and the smell smacks you in the face as you walk in. I was totally in my happy place. I ordered the Belgium fries with some sample sauces because I had no idea what was good or not and wanted to try a little bit of everything. The only downside is that they don't really give you the sample sauces in a cup or anything they kinda place them on a napkin or the side of the plate. It's cool it was free and I figured out what I liked and what I didn't. I couldn't finish all of them because it was a large order, more than what I thought they would have given me, but the lovely lemonade was refreshing and washed the fries down with its sweet and tangy goodness.


So definitely stay tuned to the KISS products website, Instagram and Facebook. You never know when they'll have another pop up beauty bar. Hopefully another one will be held this year. If so I look forward to hopefully seeing you guys there! :)

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