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Day to night in 5 easy steps

January 29, 2018

"What do we want?"

"Happy Hour!"

"When do we want it?"

"Now!! "

But you don't have time to go home and change into a new outfit? No worries I've got the solution.

Sometimes It seems like the work day actually starts from the night before because, like most, you spend at least 30 minutes before bed prepping for the next day. Welcome to adulthood. I mean you could just scramble for everything in the morning and risk missing your 6am train, while spilling coffee on your favorite jacket, oh and forgetting your lunch on the table. Yahhhh vending machine food for lunch!! Don't fret it happens to the best of us. This rough start to the day makes happy hour look even sweeter. 


You may have had a difficult morning , or even a difficult day, but you surely don't want to look like that when going out. Maybe just maybe you'd like to look at least partially put together. Ha! Ha! Ha! Just joking you're probably always fabulous. Well, this quick and easy outfit is possible with a few simple steps. Even during the winter season.




Step 1: Definitely wear a stylish and on trend coat from your closet. One of my favorite coat trends of the season is the Teddy coat. It's not only warm and cozy but super cute. Makes me feel like a Care Bear. Remember those?


Step 2: You can't go wrong with a turtleneck . It's simple, chic, looks professional but can pass of as dressy or casual if needed.


Step 3: Pants that pop but won't get you into trouble. Keep it professional and simple, but don't be afraid to try a little color. That extra color pop can take it from work ready to after work popping!


Step 4: Heels! Heels! Heels! I'm sure you carry a big enough bag in the morning as a part of your day to day outfit, so why not pack a pair of cute heels in there as well....just in case ;-). 


Step 5: Accessories won't hurt nobody. Faux fur stoles have been a big hit for this season so definitely spice up your outfit with one of those to make it nigh-time ready. We don't have to stop there. Some hoop earrings, any size you prefer, and some rings and bracelets definitely would dress up that work outfit fast.


Ta-dah! Just like that you're outfit is ready for Happy Hour. No fretting or worries just looking fab with a drink in your hand, while sipping your work blues away. These steps can also work for any afterwork occasion, thats how simple and sweet they are. 


So, when you get that 3:45pm text from your friends, or Bae, telling you to be at that special location, give these little steps a try. :)





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